Using The Post Template

This is a test post I made using the Divi Theme Builder. I was able to set the post title dynamically as well as the featured image. What is a Blog Post Template and Why Do You Need One?
A blog post template is a site-wide template used for all (or some) of your single blog posts on your website. It is a predesigned template built with dynamic content so that any new or existing post will automatically inherit the layout and design of the assigned template.

There are a few compelling reasons to use a blog post template. The primary reason to use a blog post template is for streamlining the blogging process. Having a ready made template already designed for your posts can drastically speed up the creation process by eliminating the need to design the elements of the post on the fly and leaving bloggers with more time to do what they do best – write content. But that’s not all! A blog post template can incorporate extra elements (like comments, share buttons, and email optins) to the post in order to increase user engagement and increase conversions.

With the Divi Theme Builder, creating a blog post template is surprisingly easy. The secret to building a blog post template in Divi is understanding what Modules to use and how to incorporate dynamic content elements into the template effectively.