Get Started Online

Hi! Thanks for stopping by. What can I help you with? If you’re getting a new business started congratulations! My hats off to you! I know you’ve been very busy making decisions about your new venture. Probably more decisions about more details than you ever imagined. The fact that you’re here, now, leads me to believe you’re getting serious about getting a website. I can help you with that! I can help with each step from considering a website to having a live, working site that you are proud of and customers are comfortable using. My hope is that together we can create exactly the site you need to insure your success. I’ll handle the “techie” stuff and you will provide the content for your site. No one knows your business better than you! The information about your products and services, the images, descriptions, these are what will make you & your business unique. When it comes to content about you, you are the best!  

There are a few steps you need to take. Please read through ALL the posts before jumping in and remember to do them in order. Please read the posts linked to each step below.

  1. Decide on a Domain Name for your business AND register that name.                                                
  2. Get web hosting from a reputable web host.
  3. Install WordPress
  4. Find a WordPress theme
  5. Customize your theme to showcase your company
  6. Add you content: images, descriptions of your products and services
  7. Add Plugins that add more functionality and security

***DISCLAIMER*** I will receive a commission from the web hosting affiliate links above if you choose to make a purchase . Purchasing through the above links does not affect the price you pay.