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We’ve already discussed the need for your own domain name and how that helps establish your company brand online. Having an email address that uses your domain name (yourname@yourdomain.com) extends your brand and establishes and reinforces your online identity. Many people will look for your website when they receive an email from you. When they visit your website, it validates you and your products or services. It shows you are a credible and legitimate business. On the Internet, a one-man shop should look as professional as a multinational corporation. And, it’s easy and affordable to accomplish that.

Most hosting providers include some sort of email account with your domain. Some include one account with a reasonable amount of inbox storage and allow you to create several other accounts with limited inbox storage. My experience has been that these extra accounts aren’t that useful due to the limited space they give you. A handful of messages filled up my inbox and the host I was using charged for using a forwarder. So, I only had one main email address that I could use. If that’s all you need or want that’s okay. But, I like to use accounts for me and accounts like info@ or sales@ or support@, you get the idea. Now to be honest some providers do allow forwarding so you can create aliases and use forwarders to send email from these accounts to your main email account. This is okay but it can get cumbersome and maybe even confusing. The best solution for your email is to have a separate real account for each user or department. SiteGround includes as many email accounts as you need for your company.


I would suggest using a dedicated email provider that’s separate from your web hosting account. The email host I recommend is business email from Google, Gmail. YES! Gmail! It’s now called G Suite. There are many reasons to use Gmail, and I’ll list a few of them, but the main reason I like to use business email from Gmail is the fact that you can use it regardless of where your website is hosted. If you keep your domain name current and active, you can send and receive messages from yourname@yourdomain.com. Now, why is that such a big deal? Let’s say your business grows beyond your wildest expectations and your current web host doesn’t offer a plan that works for your new situation. Or, your hosting company goes out of business or is taken over by another company that no longer meets your needs or your budget. Or, you may decide to move your site to a new host that has better servers and great prices. These usually involve setting up a new email account and migrating your existing inbox to the new provider. Not much fun. To be honest there are ways to move your website to a new host and leave your email with the old provider but this involves some knowledge of email MX records and can be intimidating if you’re not familiar with that sort of thing.


G Suite from Google does cost per month for each email account. The basic professional office suite is $5 a month. The includes business email through Gmail, video and voice conferencing, smart shared calendars that integrate seamlessly with Gmail, documents, spreadsheets, and presentations, 24/7 support and online security and admin controls. One more great feature is it includes 30 GB of cloud-based storage per user. That way you can keep of your work files in one secure place, access them whenever you need them from your laptop, phone or tablet. Sign up for Gmail from G Suite here! Get 20% off your 1st year!  Use this code to get 20% off: AAYRPEAD4U6UMF6

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