Customized Premium WordPress theme from Elegant Themes

Customized Premium WordPress theme from Elegant Themes 1

Why pay for a premium theme?

There is an incredible number of free WordPress themes available for you to choose from. Literally there are 1000’s of free themes you could use. But, as with most things in life, you get what you pay for!

  • Free themes are usually not as easy to customize and therefor your site might end up looking like hundreds or thousands of other websites. In business you want to make sure you and your products and services standout from your competition.
  • When you buy a premium theme from a reputable source you’re getting a quality product. The same cannot be said of many free themes. A premium theme comes with support from the developers. All reputable theme developers include support as well as timely updates.
  • Today’s premium themes are compliant with modern web standards. Web standards change frequently as well as the capabilities of web browsers. Premium themes are designed with current web standards in mind and as stated, are updated often. These updates include security and functionality improvements. Free themes may or may not provide these updates, the developers have no obligation to make sure your site has the latest security or functionality features.
  • Motor City Website Design proudly uses premium themes from Elegant Themes . We have found their themes to perform exceptionally in every situation we’ve used them in. They are easy to customize for each unique client. They are built with “good code”. They come with tons of functionality built in and have made adding new features or functions easy. These themes are secure, load fast and look great!
  • If you are going to build your own WordPress website you’ll want to make sure to purchase your theme from Elegant Themes.

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***DISCLAIMER*** I will receive a commission from the Elegant Themes affiliate links above if you choose to make a purchase . Purchasing through the above links does not affect the price you pay.

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